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A muscular and well developed chest has been for a very long time, a masculine beauty standard that suggests strength and power. This is why, for any man it’s very important to have a muscular chest, from a psychological point of view, since these standards are so deeply engrained into our minds. It isn’t a coincidence that so many men go to gyms and gather around doing multiples sets of bench press exercises. However, sometimes exercise, regular and strenuous routines and bulking diets are not enough for men to develop enough muscle mass in the chest to achieve a fuller, well developed look. It is possible for them to gain a lot of strength thanks to training but the amount of muscle mass barely increases. This is because not all bodies gain muscle mass in the same way. There is no universal pattern for this. Some men simply are not genetically predisposed to gain muscle mass in this area, while others with minimal effort do. There are even some men who are genetically predisposed to gain muscle only on the lower area of the chest and not the upper part, which gives them an unbalanced look.

These men, who can’t achieve an ideal volume in the chest, benefit from a chest augmentation surgery with silicone pectoral implants. In order to perform this surgery, a 5 centimeter incision must be made in the axillary region and after that the surgeon dissects and creates a pocket underneath the pectoralis major muscle, where the implant is placed. The surgery lasts about two hours and a half. With time, the implant is surrounded with scar tissue and stays there for the rest of the person’s life. The pectoral muscle is never detached from its place of insertion, so strength and performance are back to normal after the recovery phase.

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