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After a massive weight loss, like the one that occurs after a bariatric surgery, it is common to see some áreas of the body with folds of flaccid skin. This happens because for a long time, while the person was gaining weight, the skin kept stretching little by little. However, at the moment of the rapid weight loss, the skin doesn’t possess the same level of elasticity to go back to its place. One of the places where this occurs is the arms. Brachioplasty is a surgery of the contour of the arms. Generally, it is performed along with other procedures of the same type, like a thigh lift or a lower body lift. The surgeon makes an incision in the internal or posterior side of the arm with the goal of extracting the excess of skin and fat. This produces a smoother contour, as well as an improvement in the muscle tone of the arm. Sometimes, the surgeon also removes some extra tissue from the side of the chest. Also, liposuction can be performed in the area in order to help with the contour. The length and shape of the incision depends of the amount and location of the excess of skin to be removed, as well as the surgeon’s judgment. Generally, they are done in the internal face of the arm and extend from the underarm until the elbow. In some specific occasions, the incisions are a bit more limited and the tissues are tightened with internal sutures. Generally, this surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

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