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Over the last couple of years, the importance of buttock aesthetics has risen and has become the center of international beauty standards. Because of this, many people feel like the shape and size of their buttocks isn’t good enough and could be improved. Thus, many different techniques have emerged in order to supply this demand and one of these is the buttock lift. It is a surgical procedure that improves the shape and tone of the tissues that support the fat and skin of the buttock area. These tissues may suffer the effects of aging, solar damage, pregnancies, weight fluctuations and genetic factors, which diminish the elasticity of the skin and fat, resulting in the sagging of the buttock. Thus, the targets of this surgery are the “love handles” located right above the buttock area. As the skin and fat are removed and tightened, the buttocks are pulled upward for a better contour. The candidates for a buttock lift should have saggy skin in the area of the buttocks that affects their contour.


This procedure by its own doesn’t increase the volume of the buttocks. In order to improve the volume, it is necessary to also perform a fat grafting or introduce silicone implants. The buttock lift surgery involves large incisions in the areas of the “love handles”, and the removal of all the excess skin and fat that make the buttocks look saggy. Then, the remaining skin is pulled upward in order to improve the appearance of the buttocks. During recovery from this surgery, patients may experience pain, swelling and bruising of the treated areas but this should diminish gradually. The final results can be appreciated after a couple months.

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