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It’s a new technique in the world of plastic surgery, which has revolutionized the results that can be achieved with liposuction. A little different than conventional liposuction, in which large amounts of fatty tissue are extracted by the introduction of a canulla. This procedure is based on an assisted liposuction system. First, the fatty tissue is infiltrated with a vasoconstrictor agent. Afterwards, the area is exposed to an ultrasound in order to destructure the fat which is then removed by a canulla which is introduced with great attention to detail, almost like sculpting the body, in a gentler, less traumatic way than conventional liposuction. The canulla isn’t introduced as many times, producing less bleeding, swelling and bruising, as well as decreasing the possibility for complications.


Dr. Castillo Yermenos uses this technique to sculpt the abdomen of patients who are already in shape but need to get rid of that last layer of fat that stands between them and a soccer player “six-pack”. He erases the excess of fat between the abdominal muscles and creates cleavages, creating a tummy similar to those seen in athletes. Thus, the result from this surgery is a toned stomach that looks much stronger, firmer and more muscular. In order to undergo this surgery, it is important that the person is already in shape. The patient must already be healthy and not overweight, since this technique allows the doctor to sculpt the body and improve the contour but isn’t effective for weight loss, like conventional liposuction is. The results from the surgery are visible from the first month but are the most visible between the third and sixth month. Recovery is relatively quick, since the patient can restart their regular activities between 1 and 3 weeks after the surgery.

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